The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation supports individuals and entities to improve the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people in their time of need.

Our Mission

The aim of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation is in improving the quality of life and care of individuals and society in general, without any form of discrimination on the basis of social class, gender identity, age, ability, health, status or religion.

This shall be achieved by ensuring the effective and transparent application or disbursement of funds raised through fund-raising activities, donations, contributions, bequests, endowments and legacies.


  • To enhance the support and contribution from any source or sector, to social justice democracy and sustainable development
  • To strengthen solidarity through civil society development
  • To enable solidarity and social enterprise
  • To advance the education and dignity of underprivileged children, particularly those who are, or have been, in care systems
  • To promote international collaboration in research and aid in conformity with the purposes and objects of the foundation.