More than 1,200 trees planted in the “Gardens of Solidarity” (Ġonna tas-Solidarjeta’)

Yesterday, the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, together with the Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Jose’ Herrera, visited the valleys in which the Gardens of Solidarity have been opened. This is an initiative by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation with the collaboration of PARKS (The Directorate for Parks, Afforestation and Countryside Restoration), and the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change).

In these gardens, more than 1,200 indigenous trees have been planted. All the trees are personalised with customised plaques bearing the names of those benefactors, who have donated pledges of more than €500, during last year’s Istrina. These include individuals, families, organisations and companies.

The aim of the Gardens of Solidarity is not only to thank the benefactors of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, but also to contribute towards improving the health of the members of our communities.

Apart from this, through this initiative, the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and the Local Councils are doing their part towards the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, Goal Number 15 which deals with the protection of the sustainable use of our ecosystems, and the sustainable management of forests.

The President of Malta said that these gardens are a celebration of the value of Solidarity, with the aim of also increasing the awareness of the sustainability of our environment and our health.

Minister Jose’ Herrera stated that this initiative, through which a large number of indigenous trees have been planted in ares which were dilapidated, is part of the tireless efforts currently underway, to rehabilitate our valleys. The Minister explained that through the year, in which a taskforce has been appointed to take care of valley management, 10 valleys have been cleaned and rehabilitated. Minister Herrera thanked the President of Malta for the close collaboration with the Ministry.

The Gardens of Solidarity are located at Wied Ħesri, in Siġġiewi, in Wied il-Kbir, Wied is-Sewda and Wied iċ-Ċawsli, in Qormi. During their visit, The President and Minister Herrera were accompanied by the Mayors of Siġġiewi and Qormi, Ms Alessia Psaila Zammit, and Mr Jesmond Aquilina respectively, together with representatives from both Local Councils.